Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Hello everyone,
                         After having successfully managed my first blog Reciprocating Thoughts and Passion for 2 years,I had this thought poking my brain all the time to create a separate blog for music.But being a Professional Procrastinator i was always procrastinating this thought.But you see,unimplemented ideas bring a lot of suffering.So I decided to take the Leap and Launch My new Music blog today and that is "Rhythmic Melody"

So What will the blog Contain ?
1) Trivia and Info related to Music
2) Music Reviews and Recommendation
3) A thematic collection of Songs that will make your day
4) Posts about various musicians
5) About Music contests and Music Festivals
6) Reviews about various Music Products.....etc

I promise to blog and keep you entertained and informed.I wish to post at least 2 posts a week,but i commit to posting at least 1 post a week.

I anticipate the same support from you people,which you gave for Reciprocating thoughts and Passion.And as always don't forget to Share and Subscribe...

P.S:Reciprocating Thoughts and Passion is not closed and will continue....