Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Why Music Should Be Part of Your Daily life

"Music"--Its there everywhere.Be it in the gust of wind or the rustle of leaves.Be it in the flow of river or the gentle cry of Baby.

Its there in your everyday life-in the FM radio you turn on while commuting;in the songs your cab driver plays back home;Its there as background music in your favorite soaps;its there as the ringtone of your mobile.But seldom do we pay an attentive hearing to Music.This blog post talks about "Why you must give an an attentive hearing to Music in your day to today life.

           I definitely do understand that we all are busy people.Trying to achieve something great or just trying to meet ends.But Music can just help you do that in an efficient and stress-less way.Here's why....

1) Music Relives Stress: OK!!!!Now you will tel me that we have heard this phrase many times,but it has actually not helped.I think the reason why it has not helped you is because you have done it in some form of haste or probably you might have been  multitasking while listening songs;Definitely this doesn't help.Next time do this small exercise.Its like Meditation.

           When you come back home and feel you are stressed do this.Lock up yourself in a room.Switch off the lights.Keep everything else away.No gadgets/No Social Media.Pick up your iPod/Music system.Select your favorite playlist.And listen to the songs in a gentle volume.Listen for at least half an Hour.And at the end of half an hour you will be a different Person.(Do let me know in comments,how you feel after doing this exercise)

2) Music Fosters Creativity : Yes It Does.The amazing amalgamation of music and lyrics makes your mind calm and relaxed,in-turn fostering Creativity.What more...You could come up with your next Million dollar Business Idea or Best pick up line for the girl you love while listening to music

3) Music Motivates you: Sometimes we are down because something didn't go the way you wanted to .When you are in such a situation take refuge under music.Repeat the above mentioned Exercise with Motivational or High Energy songs and sing it aloud.Depression has no way but to run away

4) Music is good for health: When you sing ,there are vibrations generated through out the body.Thus ensuring you are at least risk as far as Cardio-Vascular Diseases are concerned.Your lung capacity will also Increase

5) Music improves your Focus and Discipline:In order to learn a song or a melody you need very good focus.You cant learn a song while checking your Facebook news feed!!!And also to master certain techniques you have to show up for practice day in day out.Amazing Discipline is Required. And i guess you know that focus and Discipline are necessary to achieve anything in any field.

6)Music introduces you to different Culture:When you listen to a song from east you get exposed to the culture over there/When you listen to western music you get exposed to western culture.Similarly listening to a folklore can introduce you to the folk culture.Music makes you culturally enriched.

There are so many benefits of music  apart from these you might have experienced.Post them in the comments.I would be glad to know.

          Finally I end the Post with this  Quote....

"If Music be the food of Love ,Play ON..."

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Hello everyone,
                         After having successfully managed my first blog Reciprocating Thoughts and Passion for 2 years,I had this thought poking my brain all the time to create a separate blog for music.But being a Professional Procrastinator i was always procrastinating this thought.But you see,unimplemented ideas bring a lot of suffering.So I decided to take the Leap and Launch My new Music blog today and that is "Rhythmic Melody"

So What will the blog Contain ?
1) Trivia and Info related to Music
2) Music Reviews and Recommendation
3) A thematic collection of Songs that will make your day
4) Posts about various musicians
5) About Music contests and Music Festivals
6) Reviews about various Music Products.....etc

I promise to blog and keep you entertained and informed.I wish to post at least 2 posts a week,but i commit to posting at least 1 post a week.

I anticipate the same support from you people,which you gave for Reciprocating thoughts and Passion.And as always don't forget to Share and Subscribe...

P.S:Reciprocating Thoughts and Passion is not closed and will continue....