Saturday, 8 October 2016

Raatein -Shivaay

Raatein is a feel good emotional track with acoustic arrangements coupled with soothing lyrics and soulful voice

Mood:Emotional,Nostalgic,Father -daughter relation

Lyrics: The lyrics are written from the perspective of daughter towards her father.It overall depicts the warmth, love and security a daughter feels in her father's company

Composition:It's a soothing composition by jasleen royal.The style of composition is more so of the kind of a singer-songwriter style.But the composition gets repetitive after a while ..

Vocals:Jasleen Royals vocals depict the voice of a daughter ..warm ,singer songwriter kinda vocals..with western touch

Arrangement:The arrangement is more of acoustic pop starting with guitar riff and then beats kick in and things loop on..

Ae dil hai mushkil -title track review

.This is a very different and catchy song.A must listen....

Mood: Unrequited love,Passion

Composition: The composition is a pretty different composition compared to the most currently in Bollywood that almost always sound similar.The composition starts with staccato pattern and then moves on to legato phrases and the cycle repeats

Vocals:Arijit Singh does a beautiful justice to the composition.His unique style and voice texture brings out the aggression and pain the subject is going through.His voice  effortlessly portrays the helplessness of the character

Lyrics: The lyrics talks about the passion for love and the pain of Unrequited love.The lyrics portray the repetitive use of the phrase "Ae dil hai Mushkil"

Arrangement:The song starts with arpeggio patterns with pads and then moves on to the usual pop rockish arrangement.

Listen to song here:

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Teri Faryaad Music Review Tum Bin2

A legendary song by Jagjit singh Recreated.If you remember Tum Bin Earlier one you will definitely know this song.This is a good attempt to Recreate the Legendary Classic.It seems like this song is Recreated now with a feministic view point.

               Rekha Bharadwaj known for her ghazalish singing has done a good Job keeping the feel.But the icicng on the cake is when Jagjit singh Sahabs voice kicks in.Its literally Gooesbumps.Thanks to technology for making it possible

                The arrangement is Modern yet goes with the feel of the song.

Listen to the song here